Impact of uncertainty shocks on the global economy

We had a great workshop at UCL in London, May 12-13, on the role of uncertainties in the global economy. See the summary on Econbrowser.

The 2 keynote speakers gave fantastic talks. Nick Bloom (Stanford) gave a cristal-clear speech on the role of uncertainty on macro and financial variables, while Barbara Rossi (UPF) introduced an approach to disentangle between Knigthian uncertainty and risk based of SPF density forecasts.

Many other papers from researchers from Fed Board, Banque de France, IMF, U. Notre Dame, LSE, Pompeu Fabra, U. Oregaon, U. Padova, U. Chapel Hill … were great, see the program.

We plan to have a special issue in the Journal of International Money and Finance

Special thanks to Svetlana Makarova (UCL) for the great organisation.


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